Labour Party NI Calls For H&W Re-Nationalisation


The Labour Party (NI) calls on the British Government to re-nationalise Harland & Wolff.

The Executive Committee of the Labour Party of NI (LPNI) has endorsed Trade Union calls to re-nationalise Harland & Wolff.

The members have issued the following statement: ” The LPNI supports the workers at Harland & Wolff who are currently occupying the site in order to try to prevent the historic shipyard from closing its doors.  We endorse the calls of the workers and of the GMB and Unite Unions, in calling for the British government to step in and re-nationalise the shipyard.

H&W workers call for government support.

“As well as its historical significance, Harland and Wolff is essential for the employment of 130 people.  The impact on the individuals and their families would be dire.  NI Assembly figures from 2017 show that in some East Belfast wards, as many as 47 % of children are living in poverty.   If re-nationalised, the shipyard could and should in fact be used to support many more people into employment; both from across East Belfast and from further afield.

“There is no reason why the shipyard should not be re-nationalised.  It was previously under government control before being sold to a private buyer in 1989. 

“The Scottish government is currently in the process of drawing up plans to nationalise the Ferguson shipyard in Glasgow.  We call on the British government to act immediately and to intervene to do the same for Harland and Wolff in Belfast”.