Kilmore Trounce Lurgan in Irish Cup First Round


Irish Cup – First Round

Kilmore Rec  5  –  Lurgan  Town 0

THIS was a game almost totally dominated by Kilmore Rec from the whistle. The visitors appeared to shine on only a couple of occasions and if it was not for the rushed and off-target shooting of Kilmore, the scoreline could easily have been in double figures.

For most of the match Kilmore kept Lurgan under steady pressure, playing with the energy and commitment characteristic of the side.  Phil Traynor who figured in much of the attaching action  was challenging the Lurgan goal from the second minute.

Nial McCarthy nods in a goal against Lurgan Town for Kilmore Rec.

The front line of Stephen Douglas, Phil Traynor, Peter Telford, Nial McCarthy, and Karl Lewis was a formidable line up facing the visitors. Traynor was in great form and easily rounded a defender and passed to the back of the box but there were no takers.

But in the 14th minute a cross from Karl Lewis to Nial McCarthy almost was headed it took another cross in to McCarthy’s head to get control of the ball and nod it down to his toe to open the scoring at close range.

Kilmore were definitely showing to be the fitter, hungrier and more skilful outfit and went about their work on the visitors. The superior passing skills of KIlmore saw many chances arising, and particularly in the first half, Stephen Douglas made a lot of good passes into the box from the left.  As usual, Traynor’s work rate was first class.

But across the board, the Kilmore players were not shooting sharply and had they been on song could have turned this match into a route. Traynor found a few good opportunities but flew over the bar.

At the referee was contemplating blowing for half-time, it was Peter Telford who finally nailed the second goal when Douglas took the ball down the park and crossed into the box. Telford found the ball at his feet and made certain of the goal in the 45th minute as he stood only feet from the back line.

Then as the game restarted Kilmore pressed ahead again and Trainor ran past several defenders still stunned, and passed to Douglas who chipped the ball to the head of Nial McCarthy who rose and nodded it into the net in the 47th minute.

Again Trainor struck at the 55th  minute into the second half when Kilmore attacked and again found himself in front of the  open goal with the ball. And a minute later McCarthy missed another header.

The opportunities were coming thick and fast with KIlmore showing their teeth and giving the visitors a tough time. Andy Baggley threaded a great ball through to Traynor who shot just over the bar and minutes later  he was over the bar again after an inch perfect Lewis cross.

Stephen Douglas on the right attacking down the left wing for Kilmore against Lurgan Town.

The last 20 minutes of the match was one sided with Lurgan giving up the ghost. They gave away a free kick in their half and the ball crossed to midfielder Jack Larkin who made no mistake.

At 5-0, the game had lost its competitive edge and Kilmore showed once again they were a tough and seasoned Premier League team. If they get their goal finishing sharpened up, they will definitely be one of the most formidable teams at Premier level this season.

Kilmore team: Michael McKenna, Paul Greener, Mark Miskelly, Mark Holland, Jack Larkin, Karl Lewis, Andrew Baggley, Nial McCarthy, Peter Telford, Phil Traynor and Stephen Douglas.

Subs:  Phil Gill, Matthew McGarrity and Conor Brennan.


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