Killyleagh Beat Foundry For Border Semi Spot

Border Cup Round Three

Saturday 14 October

Killyleagh YM 3   Albert Foundry FC 1

Report by Jim Masson.

 In a match that was not without incident, Killyeagh YM rose as victors facing a very determined Albert Foundry in the Border Cup quarter finals.

Just three minutes into the match, forward Adam Neale received the ball after a good bit of interaction between team-mates Jack Sharvin and Stephen Kennedy on the left, and made the first meaningful volley just over the bar at the Foundry goals.

Killyleagh celebrate their third goal against Albert Foundry.

Not to be outdone Foundry immediately retaliated with a volley from Lee Lenaghan which just went wide. Both teams were locked into winning mode and a game with the promise of goals lay ahead.

Both teams were attacking and Foundry’s left winger Darren McComb executed an excellent low chip forcing Killyleagh keeper Bradford McClurg to stretch in a response save, and this effort was also followed by another good Killyleagh attack at the other end with defender Jordan Kennedy sending a rocket at the goal which was saved.

For a spell, Killyleagh kept good possession and this appeared to frustrate the Foundry side. But the game soon levelled out again. Then Killyleagh midfielder Jonathan Sharvin received the first of several very heavy tackles. The game became much more physical.

Killyleagh midfielder Jonathan Sharvin in action against Albert Foundry in the Border Cup fourth round.

Then in the 23rd minute, a Killyleagh defender gave away a penalty to Foundry and William McComb stepped up to the spot and converted putting the visitors in the saddle. Despite a fairly solid performance by Killyleagh, the home side now had it all to do… and they did! (0-1)

Killyleagh increased the amount of attacks on the Foundry goal looking for the equaliser. Eventually a pass from Kennedy on the left to Neale waiting at the back of the box saw the Foundry advantage wiped as Neale slammed the ball into the net with 32 minutes played. (1-1).

The home side certainly stepped up the pace as Neale passed to Jack Sharvin creating another opportunity. Foundry were certainly not to be written off but they started to lose confidence and feared the worst.

Kennedy made an excellent run down the left with pace and left footed a scorcher into the side net at 37 minutes. The left winger was having an excellent game and the Foundry defence were troubled containing him.

As the first half closed, Killyleagh has been putting Foundry under pressure most of the time, but the score line reflected the reality of play for the first half.

The second period started and with just two minutes in, Jack Sharvin unleashed a mighty volley which just rose over the bar. But Killyleagh could not relax for one second. The experienced Foundry side could strike swiftly. Foundry midfielder Paul Acheson almost caught Killyeagh keeper McClurg off-guard with a long drooper at the left hand top corner but Acheson managed to keep the ball safe.

Then the first yellow card was dished out to Foundry’s Graham Ashton for a heavy tackle on Adam Neale just eight minutes in. Killyleagh keeper McClurg was then injured in the goal mouth, and when the game restarted again Foundry were looking dangerous.

Albert Foundry were put under pressure in the second half by a determined Killyleagh side.

After 13 minutes it was Jonathan Sharvin’s turn again to shine as he tried to lift the game.  The pace and intensity of the game increased dramatically.

Foundry tried in the early stages of the second half to get back on top and a great move by Acheson to McCord to sub Michael Rae saw a desperate clearance off the Killyleagh goal line from defender John Murray 13 minutes in. Killyleagh had looked somewhat flat for about ten minutes but the game quickly turned round.

Killyleagh started to take control of the second half as Foundry appeared to lose their mojo. An excellent volley from Jack Sharvin was just an inch over the bar. The home side started to get closer to the Foundry goal with a number of pressing attacks, with Stephen Kennedy on the left getting his second wind and playing a great game.

Kennedy won a penalty with 15 minutes to go when he was brought down by Foundry’s Scott Hill, the referee quickly pointing to the spot. Jack Sharvin squared up to the ball and made it 2-1 for Killyleagh.

The Killyleagh spirits were well lifted and this was reflected in the determined performance of the team. Kennedy made a charge on the left and was fought off by three defenders but Killyleagh won possession with the deadly duo of Sharvin passing back to Kennedy who sent the ball firmly into the middle of the net. Killyleagh were now leading by two goals. (3-1).

Killyleagh had the lion’s share of the attacking and Neale had a great flick on from a corner to almost send the ball in to the near post.  The Foundry looked somewhat jaded and tempers in the second half were flaring frequently. Again Kennedy passed to Jamie Sharvin in the box who lashed it over the bar, a wasted opportunity.

As the last couple of minutes ticked by, Foundry tried to claw back the difference but Killyleagh had done enough to show they were the Masters of the Universe, well, at least for the afternoon.

Killyleagh meet Downpatick at The Showgrounds for Round Four on Saturday 11 November at 2pm, a tantalising local derby in the Border Cup which should draw a crowd.