Kerry Buchanan From Ballynahinch Pens Three Novels

Ballynahinch Writer Kerry Buchanan Launches Crime Trilogy.


Ballynahinch Writer Kerry Buchanan Launches Crime Trilogy.

Joffe Books will be releasing the first novel in Ballynahinch writer Kerry Buchanan’s riveting debut Northern Irish crime series on 15th April.

If you are fans of Lynda Le Plante, Tara Birch, Patricia Gibney, Brian McGilloway and Helen H Durant, then add Kerry Buchanan to the list! You’ll just devour Knife Edge, a crime series written by a new talent and published by Joffe Books.

Kerry Buchanan with her dog at the farm near Ballynahinch.

Kerry said: “My favourite writers all have a strong sense of place and I’ve tried to bring that out in each of my novels. There are quite a few twists in the plot so it doesn’t go exactly where you think it might be going.”

Kerry is a very active writer. Having focussed initially on writing short stories, she now helps promote creative writing through classes and writing groups, appearing on panels, giving talks and mentoring new writers.

“My husband and I are planning a trip to France and down the canals to the Med. It will be the dream trip of a lifetime. We are so looking forward to it. So I am working to complete the trilogy.

“We currently live on a farm near Ballynahinch and it is a lovely location with super views… but our vegetable patch is engaged in a constant war with the slugs.”

The 230-page Knife Edge can be pre-ordered on Amazon Kindle Books UK (and in the US) for 0.99p or ).99c.

Knife Edge: the first novel in Kerry Buchanan’s crime trilogy to be released on the 15th April on Amazon Books.

Knife Edge is the first novel in the crime thriller series and will be released on April 15th. The second novel, Small Bones  is complete and is at the editing stage so it will be released soon after Knife Edge. I am well into my third novel in this series, Close Hauled, which will be finished soon.

“I first started writing in the spring of in 2014 when I wrote a novel of 130,000 words in six weeks. But I was not happy with this first effort, so I put it on the shelf and literally taught myself how to write creatively.

“But in 2017, inspired by a workshop with Brian McGilloway, I wrote my first crime novel, then I put that on the back burner, too. That was until I went on a crime writing workshop run by Sunday Times best seller author Steve Cavanagh at the River Mill Writers’ Retreat near Downpatrick in early 2020. He looked over the opening and told me to submit it to a publisher.

“Amazingly I sent it to one publisher, Joffe Books, and they got back to me almost immediately. I was really surprised by their quick response.

“So now I’m just finishing off my third book in the three-book contract that they offered me. It has been a busy time these last couple of years, but very interesting and enjoyable.

Kerry Buchanan in the garden enjoying a moment from her computer keyboard.

“I’ve had to research how the police work, look into firearms, and get into the psychology of sadistic killers and their victims. Let’s hope my Google searches don’t get me arrested!

“Now I am looking forward to promoting my first crime novel. I can only hope it will be popular in online sales, as Joffe Books seem to be well organised in their marketing.”

You can pre-order a copy of Knife Edge on Amazon Books UK at: