Join The Chatty Wednesdays At The St Patrick Centre

Talking Tables: Chatty Wednesdays at the Saint Patrick Centre

The latest findings from the medical world tell us that talking to people is good for you. And talking to people you don’t know is even better. 

The Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick has started a new project to get visitors talking.

As well as being the only exhibition centre in the world concentrating on Saint Patrick, the Centre is a community hub for the local area, with a Garden Cafe which now provides a number of ‘Talking Tables’.

These are ordinary tables with a symbol on them that identifies them as open for anyone to sit at with the understanding that you may or may not be joined by others.

Join in the conversations on ‘chatty Wednesdays’ at the St Patrick Centre in Downpatrick from 10-11.30am.

To get things started the Centre has come up with the idea of ‘Chatty Wednesdays’.

Centre Director Tim Campbell said: “A proper chat, although often overlooked, is crucial to our wellbeing. It’s also a digital detox in the age of technology.  

“Whether our visitors are regularly on their own, new to the area, or just want to say hello to others from different backgrounds – including the thousands of international tourists we welcome every year – it can be difficult to start up a conversation.’ 

“That’s what Chatty Wednesdays are for – they kick-start the conversation, making it easier to have that proper chat.”

Starting on Wednesday 10th July the Saint Patrick Centre will be running Chatty Wednesdays:

 every Wednesday from 10.00 am to 11.30 am.

The Saint Patrick Centre will also be running a pop-up Gaeltacht in the Garden Café every Monday morning from 11am to 12 pm.