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Islandderry Winter League Comes to A Close Call
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THE final of the Winter League took place at Islandderry Fishery, Dromore on Saturday.

The scores were very close at the top so there was a lot of serious fishing to see who was going home with the £400 cash first prize.  Noel Roberts, Portadown and Bill Johnston, Lurgan were the first to land big fish with Noel hooking a 6lbs 2oz and 7lbs while Bill got himself a 5lbs 8oz and 6lbs 6oz fish giving Noel a total three fish brace for 14lbs 10oz to Bill’s three fish for 14lbs 5oz and winning

Winners of Islandderry Fishery's winter league - left to right, Noel Roberts (4th), Bill Johnston (1st), Ronnie McFadden (2nd), Andy McCandless (3rd) and George Dumigan (5th)

Winners of Islandderry Fishery’s winter league – left to right, Noel Roberts (4th), Bill Johnston (1st), Ronnie McFadden (2nd), Andy McCandless (3rd) and George Dumigan (5th)

the fifth round of the league giving him 10 points to go towards his overall score.

After the final round had ended and the overall scores totalled, there was a joint first place for Ronnie McFadden, Lisburn, and Bill Johnston, Lurgan.  The decider was whoever had caught the heaviest fish throughout the league will Bill Johnston’s 8lbs 8oz trout caught in the January round giving him the £400 first place to Ronnie’s 7lbs fish which he caught in the December round of the league giving Ronnie second place.

Third place went to Dromore angler Andy McCandless while Noel Roberts, Portadown, took fourth place after his winning final round and Lurgan angler George Dumigan took fifth.  A big thank you and well done to all who supported the league.  Full results will be available on the fishery website.

This Saturday is the start of the charity competitions at the fishery with the first of the Cystic Fibrosis competitions.  There is a bait competition on the Hollow Springs lake and a fly competition on the Main Lake.  Islandderry Trout anglers will also be holding an open day at the fishery on 13 April on the Hollow Springs lake.  There will be casting advice available, fly tying and more and will be suitable for everyone no matter there age or level of angling experience.  These events are open to everyone, for more information contact the fishery on 07859074424, or Islandderry fishery on Facebook.