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Irish Churches Peace Project Will Help Build Better Future
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Junior Ministers Jennifer McCann and Jonathan Bell today helped launch the Irish Churches Peace Project (ICPP) at Malone House, Belfast.

The inter-church project has been set up to develop initiatives that will contribute to a lasting peace. Their vision is to build a peaceful and stable society with a better shared future for all in Northern Ireland and the border areas.

Speaking at the launch Junior Minister Jennifer McCann said: “The Executive is fully committed to improving community relations and building a united and shared society, so we fully support the efforts of the Irish Churches Peace Project. Dialogue is the only way forward and through this project hopefully challenging issues can be discussed and compromises reached. Through listening and learning from our neighbours we develop a greater understanding of their position.dn_screen

“The Executive’s Together: Building a United Community strategy outlines a vision of opportunity, the desirability of good relations and reconciliation. We share a common vision with the Irish Churches Peace Project in that we both want to build a future where everyone can live, learn, work and socialise together, free from prejudice, hate and intolerance.”

Junior Minister Jonathan Bell added: “The Executive is determined to break down barriers, not only in the physical sense of removing peace walls, but also in the emotional and psychological sense. The United Communities strategy and the actions and commitments arising from that, are all about creating the right conditions for us all to move forward together into a better, more harmonious Northern Ireland.

“The work carried out by the churches on cross-community participation is a reminder of just how important it is that everyone is involved in the healing process. I have no doubt that the Irish Churches Peace Project will help build a lasting peace and remove the scourge of sectarian division.”

The Irish Churches Peace Project is an initiative of the Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist churches, the Church of Ireland and the Irish Council of Churches. More information on the project can be found at