Independent Patrick Clarke Makes Last Call For Votes


Many candidates are asking:  ‘Why has this election only now triggered the debate on the need for change in our politics?’

Independent Assmebly candidate for South Down Patrick Clarke said, a former Newry Mourne and Down District Councillor, said: “Why haven’t those parties who have been in power for years not facilitated this much needed change? I am offering to lead a call for the necessary changes starting from March 3rd. Give me your number one vote on March 2nd and let’s see real change.

Independent Assembly candidate Patrick Clarke.

“Health, the local economy, tourism, environment, and proper consultation on local issues that affect you, are the basis of my campaign. I am a local politician dedicated to local needs. I will not grandstand on issues that do not affect us all in South Down.

“We face an uphill battle with constant cuts in our welfare system, a rapidly crumbling health service not to mention the effects of Brexit. I am dedicated to being that independent voice for South Down not shackled by any one party machine. An independent voice that has one ambition and that is to do what’s right for the people of South Down. Party politics plays no part in what I offer. I offer a strong, independent, and dedicated voice to champion causes that effect you.

“Both our hospitals in Newry and Downpatrick are facing the worst crisis in recent times. Cuts in out of hour’s services, unacceptable waiting list times, and cuts in funding to offer essential heath care for you and your families. I am championing a greater priority on dealing with mental health issues. Our essential services are being cut constantly. I want your authority to speak for you on issues that matter to you. Make your mark and vote Clarke no 1.

“Be it urban or rural South Down, changes are happening. We need a strong independent voice that stands up for the rights of each and every one of you. We can resist change or embrace it. I agree wholeheartedly we need change – change for the better and not just in politics. An independent local voice that prioritises the welfare of each and every person in South Down. Together we can make change work for us all.

“Let me be your voice for all the people. On March 2nd vote Patrick Clarke no 1.”