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Improvements To Property In Steel Dickson Gardens In Portaferry
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ARDS Borough Councillor Joe Boyle has welcomed the recent works carried out by the Housing Executive in Steel Dickson Gardens in Portaferry.

He said: “Following a site meeting with Housing Executive Officials with the view to requesting them to implement a scheme of securing their property within the location, the work was completed. dn_screen

“This had previously been an area for a ‘ Wild Cat ‘ Bonfire that also attracted irresponsible dumping from those who used the occasion as an opportunity to off load their rubbish and in some cases unwanted electrical goods, furniture and tyres.

” Thankfully with the support and cooperation of many, the issues that plagued, the community and  in particular the residents of the area have now been addressed to the satisfaction of everyone. This has been a good result and could not have been achieved without genuine and sincere discussions and above all a trusting agreement with those involved.”