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Health Service Complaints Up 20% Says Patient And Client Council
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THE Patient and Client Council launched their Annual Report on its Complaints Support Service.

Over the past year the Patient and Client Council received nearly 1300 contacts from people making a complaint or raising a concern about their experience of Health and Social Care which represented an increase of 20% on the previous year.dn_screen

Maeve Hully, Chief Executive of the Patient and Client Council said: “Concerns that people have about Health and Social Care include poor communication, staff attitude, waiting times and access to services. It is important that the Trusts are responding to people’s concerns and learning from complaints.

“The Patient and Client Council will help people to complain or raise a concern about any part of Health and Social Care.

You can do so by contacting our Complaints team on 0800 917 0222.

“We would also encourage you to visit our new website which includes an online Complaints support facility at:”