Hazzard Says Support Rural Broadband Survey

Broadband supply in South Down has become an ever increasing concern for local residents and business people.

The Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment has recently consulted on broadband black-spots across the North, as a means of mapping areas most in need.dn_screen South Down Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard said: “At that time South Down Sinn Féin responded and were to the fore in calling for improved coverage for our rural constituency. I am pleased that my colleague Michelle O’Neill, Minister for Rural Development, is now seeking the views of both residents and business owners across the north. I hope the people of Down District will feed into the current exercise to help make a stronger case for improved service here. “The scheme is being rolled out locally through the Down Council area and questionnaires are available through the Council or can be obtained from your local Sinn Féin office. The more feedback received the better indication we will have to progress this matter and improve the broadband service for all. ” It is extremely important that businesses particularly register any difficulties or weaknesses. It is now more evident than ever what benefits the internet can provide for local business, so people need to engage in the process to ensure our business community have the same equity as business owners in urban cities.” Leitrim Councillor Pól O’Gribin also commented and said rural residents should take part in the survey, adding “It was important to ensure that rural towns and villages are not isolated. “Broadband provision in Leitrim is very poor and this is no doubt similar to other villages across the area. I would ask as many people as possible to take part in this survey in an effort to bring rural parts of Down up to standard with other better provided for areas.”]]>