Hazzard Says 400 Rural Roads Upgraded And More To Come


Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard has announced upgrades to 400 rural roads have been completed, following the launch of his £10million Rural Roads initiative earlier this year.

dn_screenMinister Hazzard allocated £10million to improve the condition of rural roads in June.

Minister Hazzard said: “I am delighted that just five months on from announcing £10million for a rural roads improvement initiative, 400 stretches of roads in rural communities across the north have been upgraded and resurfaced.

“This demonstrates actual delivery on the ground for rural communities across the region. This work will now continue over the coming months to see improvements made on the condition of around 1000 roads.

“Anyone wanting to check their local area can now view roads included on the programme at on the department website.”

There are 18,000km of rural roads that fall within the scope of this initiative – defined as B, C and U class roads outside local speed limits.