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Hazzard Calls To Put Unity Referendum On Table
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Latest resignation shows extent of Brexit chaos – Hazzard 

Chris Hazzard MP.

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said the latest resignation of a top British government Brexit official shows the chaos of the Tory Brexit agenda.

The South Down MP said: “News that the British government’s top official in charge of planning for a no-deal scenario has resigned shows the extent of the chaos within the British government over Brexit.

“This is the latest in a litany of resignations from the British government’s Brexit planning team and underscores the fact that there is no plan, no strategy and no clue.

“Despite repeated warnings from all sectors about the disastrous impact of a no-deal Brexit, the risk of a no-deal Brexit is increasing.

“In the event of a no deal, which would have dire consequences for Ireland North and South, the British government should announce a unity referendum to give the people of Ireland their say on their own future.”