Hazzard Calls On Inquiry Into Colm Marks Death

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has called on the Policing Ombudsman to launch a full investigation into the killing of Colm Marks in 1991.
The South Down MP made the call after a Belfast court heard today that the RUC man who killed IRA Volunteer Colm Marks admitted his superiors instructed him to lie about his actions.
Chris Hazzard said: “The family of Colm Marks have battled for decades to establish the truth of how he died.
“News that the RUC officer who fired the fatal shot had admitted his superiors instructed him to lie if he was questioned about his role. While the officer claims he did not do so, clearly this raises serious questions about the RUC’s attempt to prevent the truth emerging.
“In light of these revelations, the Police Ombudsman must now expedite a full investigation into Colm Marks’ death and the RUC actions surrounding it.”