Hazzard Calls for Park and Display Tickets to be Transferrable


SOUTH DOWN MLA Chris Hazzard (Sinn Féin) has called for Park and Display tickets to be transferrable across car parks with similar rates.

Mr. Hazzard said: “Many of the DRD car parks especially in regional towns have car parks that charge similar rates for parking.  Many of these car parks also have a minimum price that means that motorists usually leave the car park with spare time still on their ticket.dn_screen “If they travel to another part of town and enter another DRD car park they are forced to pay again even though they may have time still on their original ticket. “I am calling on the DRD to look at have a transferrable ticket or to have a one day parking tickets that can be used in all DRD car parks. “This would encourage more people to come into town and stay longer increasing turnover for many retailers. “I am now calling the Minister to review the current procedures on park and display tickets so that they can be transferrable and to look at the current level of parking charges that in many cases are exorbitant and putting people off from staying in town longer”, said Mr Hazzard.]]>