Hazzard Announces New Pedestrian Crossing For Hilltown


Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard has confirmed that a new pedestrian crossing (Puffin) has been identified for Hilltown, County Down.

dn_screenChris Hazzard said: “I am confident that a new puffin crossing in Hilltown is welcome news for the community and visitors alike. Puffin crossings are a relatively new type of controlled pedestrian crossing in the north and are much more user friendly than the traditional Pelican crossing.

“The proposed crossing will be located close to the junction with the Rathfriland Road and will improve road safety for pedestrians, particularly vulnerable road users such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities. With some 8,000 vehicles passing through Hilltown daily, the introduction of a Puffin crossing will help to balance the safety of pedestrians with the progression of vehicles through the town.”

The decision to provide a Puffin Crossing is based upon criteria relating to the number of pedestrians crossing the road and the volume of vehicles using it. This is to ensure that a crossing is located where there is the greatest demand.

The Minister added: “Discussions are ongoing with NIE to arrange a power supply before the design can be finalised. Traffic engineers are engaging with council to ensure the new poles for the traffic lights do not impede access for pedestrians using the footway; when these matters are resolved, I expect delivery later this year”.