Hamilton Discusses Brexit With Norwegian Government

Minister for the Economy Simon Hamilton MLA has discussed the implications of a British exit from the European Union and possible models of future access to the single market with representatives of the Norwegian Government.

Economy Minister Simon Hamilton.
Economy Minister Simon Hamilton.

Mr Hamilton met with Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Maeland at the OECD Skills Summit in Bergen, Norway.

Commenting, Simon Hamilton said: “Since last weeks referendum result there has been a growing interest in what is often referred to as the ‘Norway model’ as we ponder what the nature of the United Kingdom’s future relationship with the European Union.

“The OECD’s Skills Summit hosted by the Norwegian Government presented me with an unmissable opportunity to discuss Norway’s relationship with the EU.

“Norway’s economy has been hugely successful yet it is not an EU Member State. It maintains a close relationship with the EU through the European Economic Area. As we in the UK work towards a new relationship with the EU it is absolutely essential that we enhance our knowledge about how states like Norway, Switzerland and Iceland interact with the EU.

“The UK needs to find the best and most appropriate relationship for it with the EU and it is imperative that Northern Ireland’s interests are front and centre in the UK negotiating position.”