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Gribben Asks Public To Beware Of Fake Bank Notes
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SINN Féin councillor Paul Gribben has called on the public to be wary around a number of counterfeit banknotes that have been circulating in the South Down area.dn_screen
Cllr Gribben said: “It has been brought to my attention by a number of constituents that counterfeits Ulster Bank £20 notes have been doing the rounds in the area and that it is quite hard to tell the difference between these notes and the real ones.
“I would simply ask that people be wary when receiving this type of note. Make sure and inspect for the watermark and if you think it may be counterfeit to report it immediately.
“I would also ask that shop owners and business people stay vigilant as to anyone who may be trying to offload a number of these notes in a local business.”