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Going Green On Going Back To School
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DURING September parents and students can help reduce the environmental impact of the back to school rush by considering the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) when stocking up on supplies for the new term.

DOWN District Council’s Environment Committee Chairman Councillor William Dick said: “We must encourage a younger generation to reduce waste and recycle from an early age in order to reduce the volume of rubbish generated by future generations”.

Anna Magorrian from Loughinisland's St Macartan's Primary School  getting into reuse and recycle at the start of term.

Anna Magorrian from St Macartan’s Primary School, Loughinisland, getting into reuse and recycle at the start of term.

Here are some green tips for mums and dads to get their children back to school.

*   Buy reusable lunch boxes and drinks containers to reduce the amount of rubbish that comes from packaging. This will save you money throughout the year and reduce the amount going into the black bin. While it is good for the householder it is also good for the environment as it will mean less waste sent to landfill.

*   Buy school bags that are strong and will last for several years and if possible ones that are made from recycled material.

*   Buy pens and pencils loose to avoid packing which goes straight in the bin, look for items made from recycled materials.

*   Reuse school uniforms that big brothers or sisters have outgrown, but are still wearable.

*   Use the bus or car pool with friends and if you live close enough to school.

*   If its safe, walk or cycle to school.

For further information contact Down District Council Environmental Services on 028 44610800.