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Gibbons Welcomes Roads Service Response To Hilltown Crossing Request
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Sinn Féin Crotlieve election candidate Mark Gibbons has welcomed a response by Roads Service to his request for a pedestrian crossing on Main Street Hilltown.

dn_screenMr.Gibbons commented: “Some weeks ago I wrote a letter to Roads Service raising my concerns regarding the high volume of traffic on the Main Street in Hilltown and the dangers that entailed for pedestrians crossing the road to the local Post Office. I requested that Roads Service look at the possibility of getting a pedestrian crossing installed in the area to improve pedestrian safety.

“Roads Service have now responded and have indicated to me that they will have taken my request on board and have instructed their Traffic Survey Team to carry out a pedestrian / vehicle count on Main Street adjacent to the square and that the findings of this survey will be available within the next two to three months.

“This is welcome news and I want to thank the Roads Service for their rapid response to this issue and the ongoing work they will be carrying out. Whilst I understand there are constraints on the number of crossings that can be installed in the district every year, I hope that this survey will be a stepping stone to ensuring that Road Safety is improved in Hilltown,” added Mr Gibbons