Getta Pizza De Four Star Action And Run Your Own Business

Pizza chain on hunt for NI entrepreneurs to run their own franchise : Four Star Pizza encourages local business talent to grab a slice of the action.

Four Star Pizza (FSP) is on the hunt for ambitious Northern Ireland entrepreneurs who would like to make a fresh career start and grab a slice of success with one of the country’s largest pizza companies.

FSP is planning to increase its number of Northern Ireland stores from 12 to 30 by 2019 and is actively searching for local business talent who would like to run their own pizza business.

The Irish-owned Pizza chain, which was established in 1988, opened its first Northern Ireland franchise on Belfast’s Beersbridge Road in 1999 and other locations now include Bangor, Carrickfergus, Newry, Drumahoe, Derry, Armagh,  Newtownabbey and most recently Coleraine which opened its doors in November last year.

Are you ready for a slice of the action? Four Star Pizza Director Brian Clarke (right) pictured here with Bangor store assistant manager Matt Tennant. 

Four Star Pizza is keen to spread its network to other areas of Northern Ireland and is encouraging anyone with a good head for business to consider joining the company’s growing list of franchisees.

“The start of any year is a time when many people consider a fresh start or a career change,” said Four Star Pizza Director Brian Clarke.  “Maybe they’re just not enjoying the business that they’re in, or they fancy a new challenge or running their own business.

 “With this in mind, we are encouraging any potential entrepreneurs with a good business brain to consider joining our growing network of Four Star Pizza outlets in Northern Ireland and becoming part of a progressive company with a very strong brand.

 “In just a few months you could own a brand new business, built around a highly successful model and with all the support you need from a team of business experts to help you to recruit, manage, grow and thrive in your chosen town or city,” he added.

 “Becoming a FSP franchisee requires a lot of commitment but we are here to help and we offer an extensive training programme to enable franchisees to reach the required levels in terms of operations, marketing and finance.

New Year and a new career? Four Star Pizza Director Brian Clarke (right) is on the hunt for ambitious Northern Ireland entrepreneurs who would like to make a fresh start.

“The Northern Ireland market is very important to us and has been steadily growing since the opening of our first Belfast franchise in 1999 so we see this as a huge potential growth area for Four Star Pizza and a great opportunity for anyone wanting to transform their lives in 2018 and beyond,” concluded Mr Clarke.

According to Mr Clarke, interested parties do not need any previous pizza experience as FSP will provide all the necessary training in food preparation, accounts, customer service, delivery and marketing.

Anyone interested in finding out more about becoming a FSP franchisee should call 00 353 1 7037300 or send an introductory email to:

Four Star Pizza is a wholly owned Irish company that operates a total of 48 stores across the island of Ireland, including 12 in Northern Ireland.

For further information on Four Star Pizza, visit:


So, you want to run your own pizza store?

What do I need to have to apply for a franchise?

You’ll need three things:

* Catering/restaurant/business management experience and plenty of passion and enthusiasm

* Evidence of funds (including capital investment and/or bank funding).  Four Star Pizza’s experienced management team are happy to help suitable candidates put together a business plan to strengthen funding applications.

* Your full CV

How much does it cost?

A lot less than you’d think.  The start-up investment is low but so are running costs thanks to bulk buying discounts, we can also help with financing.  We have templates for standard floorplans, kitchen equipment, EPOS and seating areas. There’s also an on-going annual royalty of 5.5% of store net sales to cover menu development, etc.

How much will I earn?

Your profit and loss will depend on a number of things, such as your territory, the amount of time you spend on the job, how good a business person you are and market conditions.  Like any business venture, there is no guarantee of success and profitability but we will help to minimise your risk by giving you the benefit of a proven business model.  BUT, remember, well-run Four Star Pizza stores are always profitable.

 What help will you give me in opening my franchise?

You’ll receive an initial training period plus an operations specialist will support you in your first week of business. You’ll have your own independent business but we’ll be right behind you with all the advice, support and help that you need, from bulk buying discounts to advertising, store location to food preparation.

 What on-going help will I receive?

We’ll give you a Four Star Pizza operations manual that will cover the important facets of your operation. You’ll receive ongoing updates for this and regular company notes with useful management information. There’s also a continuous advisory service on all promotional, operational and business problems, as well as field and technical assistance.

Our management information system provides invaluable reports that help you to control food and labour costs, employee scheduling, hourly sales, customer orders and marketing information. Our EPOS system is integrated with our mobile app and desktop site for online ordering and secure credit card payment.

 How long is the agreement?

10 years after which you can renew for additional 10 years.

 Is my delivery territory protected?


 Where do I buy my ingredients and supplies?

From our approved suppliers only, for quality and cost control.

 Will you help with marketing?

Yes.  Each Four Star Pizza store contributes 3% of its store sales to Four Star Pizza which will go towards advertising, PR and promotional programmes.  This money is used to provide PR support and develop and place advertisements in the Four Star Pizza franchisee’s market as a group.  We’ll also encourage you to undertake local advertising too.

 Can I sell my franchise?

Of course – it’s your business – but there will be a transfer fee for administrative, legal and training expenses.

 How long will it take to get up and running?

As quickly as four weeks from signing the franchise agreement, depending on how quickly we can obtain certification and approvals.

 Could it really be that easy?

Yes. Yes, it could.  Let’s get cooking!

Ok what do I do now?

Simple.  Give us a call on 00 353 1 7037300 or send an introductory email to: – then we’ll take it from there!

 For further information on Four Star Pizza, visit: