Get Hooked On International Womens Fly Fishing Day

An initiative thought up by two women internet friends has now become a global event.

An initiative thought up by two internet women friends has now become a global event.

Today marks the inaugural International Women’s Fly Fishing Day, thought up by Madeleine Kelly from Northern Ireland and Pamela Caldwell Dunlap from West Virginia in the USA – 3500 miles apart.

The pair met initially on a fly fishing website and became friends since. And they never imagined that from a simple idea a they would end up with women from all over the world engaging in the fly fishing day.

Madeleine said: “This is our fist event and so far its been a great succes with lots of photos being posted on the Facebook page at:

International Womens Fly Fishing Day

Madeleine Kelly, second front right, pictured at a heat in the Irish Women’s fly fishing championships back in 2006 at Castlewellan Lake in County Down, Northern Ireland. (Photo by Jim Masson / Down News).

“We never thought we’d get such a response but it’s just brilliant that women can also get involved in the sport of angling which is not a male preserve. Everyone can enjoy casting a line. It’s a fantastic sporting recreation and we’d like to see more women getting involved.

“We’d just like to thank everyone who has contributed so far to the day. It is really encouraging. Hopefully we can have a real celebration next year if the Covid-19 pandemic slows down.

“This year it is just a virtual event but it is well supported from women from as far as New Zealand, Australia and Tazmania, Argentina, Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, United States, Canada, Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and Denmark, etc. It is really encouraging.”

If you have a photo of a lady fly fishing angler you wish to add on, go to the IWFFD Facebook page!