FSB Calls For Small Firms To Be Factored Into Climate Law

Small businesses must be ‘hard wired’ into climate legislation says FSB.


Small businesses must be ‘hard wired’ into climate legislation says FSB.

Following a presentation to the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Committee for Agriculture, Environmental and Rural Affairs, the Federation of Small Businesses in Northern Ireland (FSB) has called for the Small and Micro Business Impact Test (SAMBIT) to be integrated into climate legislation which is under scrutiny in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Commenting, following the presentation, FSB NI’s Head of Policy, Neil Hutcheson said: “If we are to successfully reduce emissions and become sustainable, we must appropriately recognise small businesses.

Neil Hutcheson, FSB NI Head of Policy, speaking during the presentation to MLA’s at Stormont about the need for small businesses to be hard wired into climate change legislation.

“Northern Ireland is an SME-led economy, and SMEs are keen to play their part in combating climate change… indeed many are already leading the way in this field.

“To this end policy must be shaped with SMEs in mind, in a way which helps them to engage with the issue, then encourages and enables them to take action.

“Inserting the requirement for the Small and Micro Business Impact Test (SAMBIT) in climate legislation would help ensure future policy and implementation plans are fit for purpose.”

“Policy must be done with small businesses and not to them – including SAMBIT would hard-wire the appropriate level of consultation with small businesses in the years to come.

“We would encourage all our political representatives to support this reasonable, common-sense approach,” added Mr Hutcheson.