Foundry Make Late Charge To Topple Killyleagh

NAFL Premier League

Killyleagh YC  1  Albert Foundry  3

There were early signs that Killyleagh would hold their own and a number of excellent plays by Killyleagh could have given them an opening goal. Michael Fitzpatrick chipped through to Niall Walsh who was just a whisker away from gettting his toe to the ball before Foundry keeper  Craig Kennedy  intervened. Certainly for the first ten minutes the Killyleagh defenders looked comfortable holding the Foundry attacks.

Killyleagh forward Adam Neale attacking the Albert Foundry goal.

There was one moment of danger when Neil Young cleared for a corner under pressure and the ball flew dangerously close to the top bar. But even though Foundry started to ratchet up the attacks, Killyleagh were well in the game and were unlucky not to be on the scoresheet. Adam Neale and Ryan Montgomery almost pulled off some magic but within a minute Foundry’s William McComb cross to the head of Paul McCord who sent a very powerful header just over the bar.

Then it was Killyleagh’s chance again as Foundry forward gave away a foul just outside his own box. Niall Walsh took the free kick but sent it just over the bar.  It was Killyleagh who just looked the more likely to open the scoring but the game see-sawed to and fro. Fitzpatrick sent in an excellent cross to Willie McIlroy whose header hit the top bar of the Foundry goal. Killyeagh were just not getting the rub of the green and then in the 42nd minute Foundry’s Graham Beck headed in to punish Killyleagh.

As the second half commenced, it was Foundry who looked more fired up, but after a spell of pressure, Neale broke through the Foundry back line into the box and took his goal well to level the score. This seemed to add heart to the Killyleagh team and a draw was looking as the likely outcome. However, Foundry replenished their efforts by taking on two subs.

The next moment of excitement came when Barry Walsh ran through and took a powerful shot at goal but was blocked by a reflex save by the Foundry keeper. The home side certainly seemed to liven up and back off the determined Foundry team. But not to write off the visitors, Chris Waters broke through the Killyleagh defense and was just yards from the goal line when he was finally blocked.

Then in the 78th minute, Foundry sub Stuart Doyle received a ball at the back of the box and sent in a low rocket the left post beating Curran. Foundry were starting to find opportunities as the clocked ticked for Killyleagh. Doyle made a great pass to Darren McCombe and Killyleagh keeper Curran made a tremendous reflex save to avert disaster.

When hope was still alive for Killyeagh, Foundry charged the goal area and a shot from Beck was parried out by Curran but it was Darren McCombe who immediately sent the ball into the Killyleagh net with a powerful volley in the 42nd minute.

This match could have easily have been a draw, but Killyleagh allowed the visitors too much space to press forward to take an away victory.

Killyleagh YC: Nathan Curran, Gary Murray, Daryl Heaney, Niall Walsh, Niall Young, Ian Manus, Michael Firzpatrick, Barry Walsh, Willie McIlroy, Adam Neale, Ryan Montgomery. Subs: Kyle McArthur, Samuel McCann, Stuart Doyle.