Fire Destroys £25,000 Worth of Fish Boxes in Ardglass

A fire which started around 8pm on Sunday evening (16 September) has completely destoyed a lorry trailer with almost 1500 new fish boxes.

A fire at the harbour in Ardglass has destroyed almost !000 fish boxes worth around £20,000.

The fish boxes were stored on the lorry trailer parked on the quayside at the North Dock in Ardglass Harbour close to the Milligan Oil fuel depot.

Two fire tenders were quickly on the scene to deal with the blaze which took over 30 minutes to get under control. A huge pillar of black smoke could be seen for miles around.

A number of fishing nets and a boat on a trailer were also lying beside the lorry and were also fire damaged.

The boxes owned by Ardglass Fish Sales, are thought to be worth in the region of £25,000. The new fish boxes had just arrived from the factory in Germany and were being stored on the trailer for later distribution to the fishing vessels in Ardglass and to other ports.

Earlier in the evening it is understood that a number of youths were seen in the area and that the fire was malicious.

The police are to carry out an inquiry into the incident.


Firemen battle with the blaze at Ardglass harbour. (Photos by Jim Masson).