Enright Challenges Big Parties On Posters


Independent Offers Solution To Election Poster Blight.

Councillor Cadogan Enright: challenging political parties to remove their posters promptly after elections.

Downpatrick District Electoral Area Councillor Cadogan Enright (Independent) has been backed by election agent Bill Corry in challenging the ‘big parties’ to get their posters down on election night and not to leave them for weeks and months blighted the roads.

Councillor Enright said: ”Both Sinn Féin and the SDLP had posters lingering on the highways and byways of Lecale six months after the last election.

“One MLA had posters up in Dunsford and Tyrella 18 months after his last election. Both parties are also in the habit of leaving cable ties on lamp posts even when they take down their posters. This is very unsightly.

“We have committed to taking down our posters the weekend after election night. We call on all other Councillors and candidates to do the same”

Bill Corry said: “Cadogan took our posters down on election night the last time he was elected. I cleaned them and stored them. We even slipped off the cable ties with a simple to use tool and are using them again in this election. Recycling also saved us money. It only cost us £96 to put a new front on them this time, so we were ready to put them up as soon as the big parties put up their first poster.

“If the big parties are serious about the environment, they need to make a public commitment to re-use their posters for two or three elections the way we have done. If the current unsustainable ‘single use and disposable’ culture is to change then the major political parties need to lead by example,” added Bill Corry.