Tuesday 21 May 2019 06:02:40 PM

Eastwood Says Vote SDLP To Stop Brexit
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SDLP EU election candidate Colum Eastwood is determined to break Brexit.

Colum Eastwood has called on voters to rally to the SDLP and stop Brexit.

Colum Eastwood MLA has called on people to grasp the nettle to stop Brexit ahead of Thursday’s vote.

The SDLP Leader, who remains in third place and in pole position to take the final seat according to the latest LucidTalk poll, has asked voters from all traditions to lend their votes to the party to send a strong message to the Brexiteers.

He said: “For three years now, Northern Ireland has been at the centre of the Brexit debate. An issue ignored throughout the referendum has dominated discussions between the British Government and the European Union. In spite of our central role, it is a source of massive frustration to people across Northern Ireland that our voice has been silenced and our interests sidelined throughout this process.

“Worse than being silenced, however, our position has been distorted by the DUP in its search for influence with the Conservative Party. We can bring that to an end.

“We can restore our influence in Europe and we can send a clear message to the DUP, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and the rest of the Brexiteers. We voted to remain, we are sending two remain MEP’s to the European Parliament. We will not be sidelined any longer.

“The latest polls show that the SDLP is in pole position to take the third seat in the European Parliament. We are poised to take John Hume’s seat back. I’m calling for that cross-community coalition that delivered the remain result to come together again. Even if you don’t normally vote for the SDLP, lend us your vote in this election. Send a message to those who have ignored and distorted the position of Northern Ireland. Take back control of our future.”

Vote SDLP and Stop Brexit this Thursday.