DUP Meet With PSNI To Discuss Policing Concerns


DUP Councillors met with Inspector Mark Peters and Sergeant Suzanne Cochrane of the Neighbourhood Policing team on Friday 26 February to discuss various policing concerns in each of their respective District Electoral Areas.

DUP councillors with Police Inspector Mark Peters, front centre at their recent meeting.
DUP councillors with Police Inspector Mark Peters, front centre, at their recent meeting.

Councillor Garth Craig said: “On top of the list were the high number of burglaries and break-ins in the Dundrum area. The Police reported that good progress was being made in apprehending those responsible.

“Recent speeding incidents in the Ballynahinch area were also discussed. Assurances were given that speed monitoring would begin immediately.

“And further, regarding Anti-Social Behaviour in Newcastle. Police responded that they were aware of these incidents and investigations were ongoing.”

Inspector Peters also outlined the role of the new Local Policing Teams that were assigned to each of the seven District Electoral  Area within the Council area which would help create a more effective policing response to incidents.