Dundrum SDLP Calls For Improvements On Castlehill


“Castleglen development had no salt boxes whatsoever until representations were made from Newcastle/Dundrum SDLP branch. Two salt boxes have now been been provided into Castleglen residents.” Mr Clarke was however very strongly critical of both Minister Conor Murphy’s written response to him and regional DRD Roads Service continued refusal to adopt Castlehill. Mr Clarke said, “As a proirity this must be addressed. An accident could now occur should a vehicle lose control at the foot of Castlehill. “Castlehill at present in Dundrum remains the forgotten road.  Despite repeated representations on behalf of the SDLP, and local committees and other associations, Castlehill is remaining in a very poor and urgent state of repair.  I am therefore  extremely disappointed and concerned that Castlehill did not receive any salt due to the road being presently unadopted by DRD Roads Service.” “It is my firm understanding following two residents contacting me directly, that their vehicles sustained major suspension damage whilst driving on Castlehill in recent days “Castlehill needs to be urgently adopted by DRD Roads Service.  It is a disgrace that a road leading to both residential properties in 2011 and a place of such major historical importance, which is namely Dundrum Castle is virtually being left to fall into such a shambolic state. “Will it take a driver and children in a vehicle or a pedestrian to  sustain major personal injuries or perhaps much worse on Castlehill, until DRD Road Service finally adopt Castlehill?” “My very real serious concern is that a vehicle, when hitting the potholes and present poor tarmac surface on Castlehill, may lose full front steering control of their vehicle following suspension or braking failure. “It is now time action fell into place from DRD Roads Service, and adopted Castle Hill before a fatality does occur,” he added.]]>


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