Dundrum Lose Out To Hollywood


Dundrum lost yesterday simly because they dropped 6 catches, 5 that were easy but for seven players to be bowled on a flat easy paced pitch shows lack of application and very poor shot selection writes Jeff Maguire.

dundrum ccThe bowlers struggled with lack of practice but Holywood showed them how to bat by defending the ball on the stumps and putting the one loose ball ever over with Scott Symington and James Cunningham both bowling very good first spells with only seven fielders as the Villagers started with only nine player with two schoolboys showing great commitment to make it from Holywood.The old saying is that ‘catches win or lose games’  never fails, but Dundrum’s ground filing was very good as Gavin McNerlin showed with a superb one hand pick up and direct hit to run out Richard Kerrigan.

Holywood had a very srong team and batted with common sense scoring 239 losing only three wickets with Joel Maguire defying the lack of practice as his figures were better than 1 for 30 of ten overs,Prem Ahire 1 for 17 and Gavin Mcnerlin 4 overs for a miserly four runs and Rodney Hassard 4 overs 17 runs both started really well, but with lots wickets in hand it was no surprise the about the runs as Holywood struggled to reach 100 of 30 overs.

Dundrum knew that 240 was the par score with the flat track and fast outfield and again they had a good solid start, and the opening partnership of James Cunnngham and Prem Ahire have really gelled with superb opening paartnerships of 135 and 165 and again they looked set again with 47 of eleven overs before Prem was a bit unlucky chopping a short ball from ex premier bowler David Kennedy onto his stumps for 16.

Dundrum players must surely regret trying to cut or play across the line to straight balls as seven failed at it as they didnt learn from Holywood’s excellent technique. James Cunnigham was prepared to graft with another solid 49 tuns to back up his first two games 85 and 73 for his new club and show everyone how to play to your strength. And Rodney Hansard had 11 and Stuart Campbell 12 and both did try hard as David Kennedy had 4 for 28 and Ross Adair 2 for 30 from a good solid bowling attack with Dudrum all out for 149 in 45 overs.