Dundrum Fire Shocks Community


A fire in Dundrum has left families in severe difficulties over Christmas.

Residents of eight homes had to leave their properties as a fire quickly raged into an inferno spilling over into back yard sheds, and adjacent oil tanks, A pigeon loft was also gutted with the loss of dozens of pigeons.

Fifty-two fire-fighters fought the blaze at Church Avenue just after midnight on Sunday  Houses adjacent to the empty property that was gutted in the flames also suffered considerable damage.

Police and the NIFRS are now investigating the cause of the fire in the empty premises which led to three homes occupied by families being considerably damaged.

Cllr Murnin said: “There’s just a scene of total devastation in Dundrum the day after the fire.
“Last night’s fire seems to have started in an outbuilding and quickly ripped through a vacant property and has left others uninhabitable today. It’s just an unimaginable situation for families that have been forced from their homes on Christmas Eve.
“I want to pay tribute to the actions of local people last night. They noticed the fire when it was still very small and contacted the Fire and Rescue Service immediately and starting to alert their neighbours. I have no doubt that their quick thinking, combined with the heroism of the fifty two firefighters who in the face of high winds at the scene last night, averted an ever greater tragedy this morning.
“We will do whatever we can to help these families rebuild and make it through the Christmas period.”

Ulster Unionist’s praise emergency services and diligent neighbours following Dundrum fire.

Ulster Unionist spokesperson Alan Lewis has praised the emergency services and diligent neighbours following the devastating house fire in Dundrum which gutted a family home.

Alan Lewis said: “There is much praise for the emergency services and diligent neighbours. This incident could have been a lot worse had it not been for quick thinking and swift actions.

“It is fortunate that nobody was injured. My thoughts are with those who have lost their home which is a terrible situation to face anyone at any time particularly over the Christmas period.”