DSD Gives £255,000 To Help Transform Newcastle As A Tourist Destination


Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland has announced funding of £255,000 for an innovative set of measures to revitalise Newcastle town centre.

The project will include the procurement of a portable cinema, a covered outdoor event space and the development of a gateway feature for the town. This will be followed by a marketing and branding campaign for the area which aims to attract visitors to the area.
[caption id="attachment_41624" align="alignleft" width="390"]Newcastle is to receive a cash boost for tourism from the DSD. Newcastle is to receive a cash boost for tourism from the DSD.[/caption] It will cost a total of £288,500.00 with DSD providing funding of £255,000 and Down District Council contributing the remaining £32,000. Minister McCausland said: “This is a very exciting project which will deliver an innovative set of measures designed to give Newcastle a new set of tools to market itself as one of our top tourist destinations. The Revitalisation project in Newcastle town centre will play a significant role in the continued regeneration of the area.
The project follows on from the £3.5million investment by the Executive through my department in the public realm improvements.“Ambitious plans for a portable cinema, marketing campaign and a covered outdoor space will enhance Newcastle’s reputation with visitors and locals alike. It is envisaged that this increased footfall will help encourage economic regeneration and growth in Newcastle town centre.”“I look forward to seeing these plans come to fruition and help deliver a welcome economic boost to Newcastle.”On behalf of Down District Council, Vice Chairman Councillor Gareth Sharvin said: “This investment by DSD will complement the excellent work already undertaken in Newcastle in terms of the public realm and shop front improvements.
“I am pleased to see that the committee delivering the Revitalisation programme represents a partnership approach between the Council, DSD and the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce. I wish the group every success in implementing the project and look forward to seeing the economic benefits which the programme will deliver.”

The revitalisation project in Newcastle will include: – *   The purchase of a portable cinema. *   The provision of a covered event space to promote events all year round. *   The design and erection of a gateway feature for the town. *   The development of a Marketing Strategy and unique branding identity for the area. *   The promotion of events to publicise the area and increase footfall to local businesses.