Downshire Tennis Club Fundraises For Ukraine

Downshire Tennis Club fundraise for Ukraine

Downshire Tennis Club fundraise for Ukraine War

Since the conflict began, UNHCR estimates that almost 7 million people have fled from Ukraine to neighbouring countries with nothing but the clothes on their back and anything that they could carry with them.  

As an organisation that builds homes, communities and hope, Habitat for Humanity, joins with the global community, in calling for an end to the violence that threatens all three.  

From the beginning, Habitat for Humanity have been on the ground, working with first responders at the borders, coordinating with partners, directly supporting refugees, providing emergency supplies and temporary shelter. 

Habitat is working to support the longer-term housing needs for refugees from Ukraine, who settle in communities across Europe.  

Geraldine McKeown, Habitat volunteer & member of Downshire Tennis Club, Jenny Williams, Habitat Ireland, Sharon Dennison, Ladies Captain Downshire Tennis Club).

Ladies Captain, Sharon Dennison, of the Downshire Tennis Club, organised a raffle which had wonderful support from the club and raised more than £1,600 for Habitat’s response to the War in Ukraine. 

Habitat Ireland’s Chief Executive Jenny Williams said: “We’re so thankful for the support from organisations and individuals across Ireland for our appeal. Funds raised from organisations like Downshire Tennis Club are making a difference to those forced to flee the violence in Ukraine.” 

Learn more about Habitat’s response to the war in Ukraine and donate on their website: 

What is Habitat for Humanity ?

One in four people in our world live in poor housing. Families are forced to live in places that are cold and damp, overcrowded or do not have a door that locks. Simple homes save lives. Families are healthier, children do better in school and parents have a chance to earn a stable income.  

Every day, Habitat for Humanity works beside families to build, renovate or repair their home in 70 countries around the world.  

Habitat advocates to improve access to affordable shelter and support funding models that enable families with limited resources make vital improvements to their homes.  

In Ireland, Habitat brings people together from across the community to serve the most vulnerable. It raises funds to support long-term partner programmes in some of our world’s poorest communities.  

Habitat is a Christian housing organisation which welcomes people of all faiths and none to help build a world where everyone has a decent place to live. – –