Downpatrick Victory Over Comber

Comber  0  Downpatrick  4 DOWNPATRICK showed they were fighting their way off the bottom of the table and resisting relegation with their convincing win over Comber. There was no doubt that this was no ordinary match as former Comber manager Bobby Murphy has moved to Downpatrick as a caretaker manager. Comber thought they would build comforably on their win over Killyleagh last week but a week is a long time in soccer and they did not come up to the mark a sthey produced a lack-lustre performance. Downpatrick earned the points which will be a solid foundation to build their end of season survival campaign on. Early in the action, Telford fired wide from 12 yards out and his shot needed to be at least on target. Then Comber’s McAllister sent a powershot at Downpatrick keeper McAllister but the rebound wasn’t picked up by any team-mate and an early opportunity was missed. But is was Downpatrick who brought the game to Comber dominating play and went into the lead. Comber lost possession when trying to play out of defence. Curran got to the bye line and his cross wasn’t cleared by the Comber defence and Telford was on hand to stab the ball home from close range. Downpatrick kept up the pressure on Comber despite the home side fighting back. Comber could not get a workflow going and were well out of shape. [caption id="attachment_20479" align="alignleft" width="241" caption="Kyle McQuillan playing for Comber Rec against Downpatrick."][/caption] Downpatrick clinched a 40th minute goal from a cross that was not blocked by the Comber defenders. Stevie Galbraith moved in quickly and took possession and shot a 6-yarder to score. Comber had an opportunity to score on the half-time whistle which would have helped improve their chances in the second period. Then following a corner from McQuillan corner, a loose ball found space but no Comber player responded to this chance in the six yard box and the Dowpatrick defence gladly cleared it. Downpatrick went into a bigger lead again in just 30 seconds into the second half stunning Comber. Galbraith launched a tremendous shot into the top Corner of the Comber net from 30 yards out. This was the coffin nail for Comber. They were three goals down and facing an agonising 30 minutes against a Downpatrick side with their tails up. Downpatrick completely secured the game by a fourth goal as the home side defence looked shaky. Downpatrick made a charge from the left wing determined to put the game out of Comber’s reach and Telford  received a pass and at 12 yards be executed a clean shot into the Comber net. Following this as pressure on Comber intensified, a second booking saw Fox being red carded. Comber were now in the dog house and were down to 10 men against a blood-thirsty Downpatrick. McQuillan made a valiant effort for Comber with a 20-yard blash at the Downpatrick goal but to no avail. Comber were well contained. Downpatrick enjoyed a rare victory which may rekindle memories of not so long ago when they were a side always to be feared. This result shows Downpatrick are back in the saddle. ]]>