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Downpatrick To Host Sharing Cultures Event
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Dalinimasis Kultùromis / Wspólnota Kultur – Downpatrick is to host a major Sharing Cultures event.

Down Diversity in Action are inviting people from the many countries across the world currently living within Down District or surrounding areas to their ‘Sharing Cultures’ event. The event, scheduled for Friday 1 February 2013 at 7pm in the Great Hall, Downshire Estate, Ardglass Road, Downpatrick. Everyone Welcome.

Not only will the event provide a platform for people to socialise but it will celebrate nationality and include multinational entertainment, food, and an opportunity to network with local organisations who provide services to all residents no matter their country of origin.

Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership Chairman, Councillor Carmel O’Boyle, said: “Down Diversity in Action has proven to be a unique way of promoting diversity in Down District and I am pleased both Down District Council and the PCSP are active members of the group. The sharing cultures event is a great way of bringing people from different communities together and developing an understanding of diversity throughout our shared district.”

Down Diversity in Action Forum is a multi-agency forum set up four years ago comprising of statutory, community and voluntary organisations from Down District. The members of the Forum work in partnership and as individual bodies to promote good relations within the Down Council area.