Downpatrick School Of Lifesaving Promotes National Campaign To Prevent Drowning


Downpatrick School of Lifesaving are making waves by promoting a national campaign to prevent drowning.  

Using activities and resources provided by the Royal Lifesaving Society UK (the UK’s drowning prevention charity), Downpatrick School of Lifesaving  has been instructing children in water safety in support of Drowning Prevention Week.

Children's Officer, Rhianna Rooney (red top on left), with DSL Coaches and older children
Children’s Officer, Rhianna Rooney (red top on left), with DSL Coaches and older children.

Drowning Prevention Week, run by The Royal Life Saving Society UK aims to ensure everyone knows how to have fun and stay safe near water.

As the Club closes, before the actual ‘Week’ for the summer months takes place, it was decided to recognise the efforts of the RLSS UK and promote the Water Safety Code.

Rhianna Rooney, from Downpatrick School of Lifesaving said: “Shockingly, drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in children in the UK. Around 400 people drown in the UK each year, and thousands more suffer near-drowning experiences, many resulting in life changing injuries.

“We are happy to support RLSS to reduce these numbers by informing our young members how to be safe near water.”

Drowning Prevention Week will see schools, leisure centres, organisations, businesses and lifesaving clubs across the country holding activities to help raise awareness of how to be safe in, on or around water.


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