Downpatrick Health Business Benefits From SERC InnovateUs Programme


IN a move to boost competitiveness and increase bottom line, a local company have joined forces with SERC, the Further Education College, to avail of vital business training to ensure they have the skills and technical know-how to compete in the modern day, digital marketplace.

Thanks to the InnovateUs Employer Support Programme, The Health and Wellbeing Company, a local business specialising in all aspects of stress management, have benefited from expert one-to-one mentoring from SERC, which it said will enhance their knowledge and help them engage better with customers.

[caption id="attachment_43657" align="alignleft" width="390"]mary Jane Burns and Liz Elliot of Mary-Jane Burns and Liz Elliot of The Wealth and Wellbeing Company pictured with James Gumble, SERC Industrial IT Consultant.[/caption]

Liz Elliott, Jimmy Smyth and Mary-Jane Burns, Health and Wellbeing Consultants, received expert mentoring in a wide range of specialist high level computing software packages to raise their skill base. Modules covered throughout the mentoring included collaboration tools, wed design using WordPress, digital marketing and social media.

The training was delivered by SERC’s Industrial IT Consultant James Gumble, who said: “The Company was mentored in subjects and techniques needed to collaborate and manage the business remotely using mobile devices. SERC provided mentoring on tools allowing multiple independent therapists to work as a network covering multiple locations across Northern Ireland.

“Working with SERC, they have gained access to resources which have helped improve their business and remain competitive in a digital marketplace.”

Liz Elliott of Health and Wellbeing Consultants said: “With the emergence of a knowledge-based economy, we recognised the need to embrace IT skills so that we stayed relevant amid a fast-changing business landscape. The mentoring delivered by SERC was highly commendable and has greatly enhanced my knowledge which can now be put to good use when updating our website and scheduling appointments remotely through our Smart phones and iPads. I would encourage other local companies to talk to their local college when they’re looking to up skill or retrain.”

Muriel Tafts, Head of Business Services at SERC added: “We recognise that companies of all types are facing challenges as a result of rapidly changing technological advancements. During these difficult economic times, it is important that businesses continue to be competitive and ensure that their staff have the correct skills and knowledge to take advantage of new opportunities and we have the expertise and flexibility to deliver this.

“I would encourage SME’s to take advantage of the InnovateUs funding to up-skill their staff and I encourage all employers to make contact with their local provider about their training needs, since this is a real opportunity for their employees to gain new skills.”

The InnovateUs programme is financed by the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) through its Further Education Sector Employer Support Programme.

For further details on how your business can get results from the InnovateUs Programme please contact Bryan Majury on 028 9267 7225

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