Downpatrick Fly-tipper May Face Legal Action By Council

Councillor Sharvin Reacts To Fly-tipping in Downpatrick


Councillor Sharvin Reacts To Fly-tipping in Downpatrick

An investigation into a serious incident of fly-tipping in Downpatrick will lead to prosecution according to Newry Mourne and Down District Council writes Laura Barr.

Council were alerted to a considerable amount of household waste that had been dumped on Old Course Road on Wednesday (30 December), a two-minute drive from the Household Recycling Centre.

Cllr Gareth Sharvin

Downpatrick Councillor Gareth Sharvin informed council officers after he was alerted to the incident by local residents who had been out walking their dog.

Among the household waste were letters containing personal information with names and addresses.

The SDLP representative told Down News: “I have asked the local councils enforcement team to identify the individuals involved from the letters.

“Part of that investigation will involve contacting the individual and I hope the issuing of a fine.

“I would ask people to be considerate of the area we live in.

“Fly-tipping poses a serious threat to wildlife and to those who come across it, particularly children who could be hurt by approaching the items.

“I would question those responsible why they could not have driven to the household recycling centre which is only a two-minute drive from where the items were dumped.”

A Downpatrick fly-tipper could be facing a court fine if Newry Mourne and Down District Council proceeds with an action to proscecute after a large amount of waste was discovered on Old Course Road.
Don’t fly-tip: the Downpatrick new recycling centre is open for the domestic recycling of waste.

In a statement to Down News, council confirmed that they found a “considerable amount” of household waste dumped and within close proximity to the council’s Household Recycling Centre (HRC) at Flying Horse Road, Downpatrick.

“The HRC facility was open before and immediately after the Christmas period and used extensively by responsible residents” the spokesperson said, adding: “The council condemns any incidence of fly-tipping and has begun investigation into this particular incident with a view to prosecution.

“The council also adds that in the event that a householder engages a contractor to remove on their behalf, that the householder checks the contractor is properly licensed to remove waste items, and to also obtain confirmation evidence from the contractor that their waste items have been disposed of responsibly.”