Downe Sexual Health Service A Huge Success

“In addition, the clinic has an important public health role, as prompt diagnosis and treatment of infection, as well as the co-ordination of partner notification, is central to sexually transmitted infection control. [caption id="attachment_10741" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="New Sexual Health Services at the the Downe Hospital in Downpatrick are proving successful. The unit covers the Trust catchment area. "][/caption] “The two key guiding principles for the service are accessibility and confidentiality. Anyone requiring an appointment can call the dedicated appointment line & nurse advice line:  Tel:  (028) 4483 8133. Referral from a GP is not necessary. In addition, people wishing to speak to a nurse for advice or reassurance, can call the nurse advice line. While an appointment system is in operation, the clinic staff will make every effort to speak to people who have symptoms, with an aim to seeing urgent cases at the next available clinic. “The service has been very well received. In a user satisfaction survey conducted in December 2010, 33 out of 40 users responded with 100% saying that they were very satisfied with the service and they felt they had been treated professionally, with respect and dignity. “Some comments received to date about the service have included: *  “Was impressed by the speed that I was dealt with” *  “Staff were very friendly and easy to talk to. *  “The staff don’t judge, very friendly, open, caring people makes coming in not embarrassing” *  “Without a doubt the friendliness and they were able to put people at ease.  Was made to feel very comfortable throughout my visit” *  “You get an appointment rather than having to wait”]]>