Down Residents Urged To Stay Safe This Halloween


AREA Commander Chief Inspector Deirdre Bones is reminding the public of the need to be responsible with fireworks this Halloween.

She said: “The weeks prior to and after Halloween are an incredibly busy time of the year for local police. This year we want to make sure it is as safe and enjoyable as possible for people while at the same time making it clear that anyone caught breaking the law will be dealt with.

“The law states you must have a licence to buy, possess or use fireworks. Fireworks must also only be purchased from a licensed dealer and those dealers must keep records of who they sell fireworks to.

[caption id="attachment_43619" align="alignleft" width="370"]Stay safe this Halloween with Fireworks Stay safe this Halloween with Fireworks[/caption]

“While most people in the Down area will behave responsibly and buy their fireworks with the appropriate license from legitimate retailers, there are still some who persist in purchasing illegal fireworks from suspect sources with no regard for just how volatile and dangerous they can be.

“Others choose to get involved in the misuse of fireworks – throwing illegal bangers and so on – and cause incredible annoyance and fear for many residents.

“Throwing or misusing fireworks, can amount to carrying out an assault or causing criminal damage. In the weeks leading up to Halloween local officers will be conducting high visibility patrols in hotspot areas and those involved in this type of behaviour should be prepared to face the consequences.

Our message this Halloween is this – have fun, stay safe and have consideration for others.”

Further information on the law of fireworks and advice on using fireworks safely can be found at: