Down News Supporting Local Businesses In Covid-19 Crisis


Down News Offers Free Marketing Support For Local Businesses

Down News is offering a promotional support package for local businesses.

Jim Masson, Down News editor, said: “Many businesses are now facing a drastic decline in sales and revenue due to the disruption of the Covid-19 virus. Some people believe it will be over in a few weeks such as president Trump, and others are preparing for a much longer realistic haul, possibly up to six months and longer.

“A recent survey by the Institute of Directors showed that a small proportion of businesses also found the epidemic to be an opportunity. But, by and large, most businesses are facing a crisis in the short to medium term, and a considerable number in the longer term will find their supply chains and markets so severely disrupted that they will not survive the economic effect of the Covid-19 crisis.

Down News has already survived the last recession and will get through the current Covid-19 problems. With good website and social media traffic, Down News is a useful and practical media platform to promote your business.

“Over the past ten years, as editor I have consistently completed a number of training courses… some one day sessions, short certificate courses and even an advanced diploma at Ulster University involving marketing and business planning. My competency has increased to a much higher level to deliver for the wider community and for local businesses.”

Free Business Support Package Offered By Down News.

I am offering a business support package initially for 20 local businesses in County Down. When this first cohort is completed I will continue with another 20, and so on until we get through this Covid-19 downturn,” added Jim Masson.

“It is vital to maintain your position in the marketplace and to stay in touch with your suppliers and customers.

“The business package which is PRACTICAL and FREE includes:

  • a free advert with a hyperlink for two months.
  • a free business feature.
  • social media support building your social content through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’m also on Linkedin.
  • and telephone time to chat about business options and strategy.
  • and signposting to other relevant agencies and organisations.

Over the years Down News has made many business contacts and I am happy to draw on these where possible to help the local business community get through this difficult time.

“This is a time when we must all pull together to keep our communities healthy and our business sector afloat.

“It is heartening to see many community support groups setting up across the Down area to support the vulnerable people who for whatever reason are virtually housebound. Business people too need support, and I am prepared to do what I can to play my part in this crisis.

“Therefore, if you are interested in coming aboard the first group of twenty businesses, please get in touch”.


phone 07855545873 or the office at 028 44 615690.

Jim Masson added: “If this offer is heavily subscribed, I will make out a second and third list etc and work through it. So small businesses are welcome to give me a call or drop me an email.”



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