Down Dog Lovers Urged To Join China Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Local support can stop the international massacre of mans best friend says protest group.

Dog lovers across the county are being urged to come out in force this Friday for a protest at the Chinese Embassy in Dublin to call for an end to the Yulin ‘dog meat festival’ that started yesterday. When: Friday, June 26, 12noon sharp to 1pm Where: Chinese Embassy, 118 Merrion Road, Dublin 4

[caption id="attachment_320" align="alignleft" width="225"]A protest will take place in Dunlin opposing the dog festival. A protest will take place in Dublin opposing the dog meat festival.[/caption]

“We’ve had the calls, the letters and messages of outrage from people North and South in Ireland in relation to the Yulin dog meat festival and now we are giving these very people a chance to physically do something about it,” says ARAN’s John Carmody.

“ARAN is calling on the Irish to come out in force to peacefully protest this outrageous festival that cuts the lives of companion animals up for a meat that few in China actually take too.” What is the Yulin dog festival? Whilst eating dog and cat meat in China has being going on for 400-500 hundred years, the Yulin festival only started a few years ago. Up to 10,000 dogs are bred and many are illegally stolen, kept in tiny and filthy cages with other animals before being sliced open, dumped in hot water, blow-torched and

then their flesh is sold.

In recent years dog eating has become increasingly controversial in China, and the domestic and international campaigns to end it are having an impact. In 2011, a dog meat festival in Zhejiang’s Jinghua was shut down as a result of protest by Chinese campaigners, and in Guangzhou a dog meat restaurant that had run for 51 years was recently closed. Ten years ago, dog slaughter on the streets of Beijing’s suburbs was a common sight, but it is unheard of in the city now.