Down District Council Chairman Searches For Young Award Winners


With just a few days before the closing date on Friday 20 February 2015, Down District Council Chairman Councillor Billy Walker has issued a final call for nominations to the Chairman’s Inspirational Youth Awards.

[caption id="attachment_54905" align="alignleft" width="390"]Down District Council Chairman Councillor Billy Walker is making a final call for applicants for his youth awards. Down District Council Chairman Councillor Billy Walker is making a final call for applicants for his Inspirational Youth Awards.[/caption]

This year the Council Chairman will host the Inspirational Youth Awards to recognise the positive contribution that young people make in their communities across our district.

Councillor Walker is already delighted with the response to the Inspirational Youth Awards: “Our district’s young people give me enormous hope for the future. Although many are dealing with difficult challenges at work, at school or in their personal life, the young people of this district are conscientious, enthusiastic and driven.

“They are determined to make a better future for themselves and for others, and they are working hard to make it happen. They are a positive force; and that’s why I feel so passionate about creating this opportunity to recognise and reward our young people. They are important to us now and to our future.”

Councillor Walker added: “Over the past number of years, I have had the pleasure of working with many young people and I am amazed by the work that they do, the talent that they have and the generosity that they show to others in our district. I hope that in the coming days, the public will continue to nominate young people, so that they can be acknowledged for the amazing work they do.

“There is still time to get your nomination form in and I would appeal to you not to miss this opportunity to recognise the inspirational youth in your community.”

Applicants can be self-nominated or nominated by another person. Nomination forms can still be downloaded from the Council’s website:

or obtained by telephoning 028 4461 0854.

The Chairman’s Youth Awards 2015 will be presented at a special Awards Ceremony on Saturday 28 March 2015 at Downpatrick Racecourse.

So help make a difference to someone you know – nominate your son, daughter, neighbour, friend, group or club today, and be a part of the last ever Down District Council Chairman’s Awards!