Don't Miss The NIE Big Energy Saving Challenge

“It will benefit not only the groups involved, but, everyone who visits their website will find ways to save money by saving energy. We already have great groups established in our area and I’d encourage people to get involved and start saving money.” [caption id="attachment_19713" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Down District Council Chairman Councillor Eamonn O'Neill supports the The Big Energy Saving Challenge. Included is NIE marketing assistant Gemma Geary."][/caption] The closing date for applications is 31st March and it is open to everyone in Northern Ireland, you can access the application form online. Jenny Livingstone from NIE Energy added, “Throughout 2011 NIE Energy will assist the groups who come together to enter the Challenge and monitor them through their energy saving journey. They will also be measured on how much they spread the word about the energy saving techniques they are using to their wider community. At the end of the year long challenge, they will each receive another £7500 for more improvements in their homes and their communities but the overall winning group wins a fantastic total of £20,000!” If you would like to save energy and save money, click on to find out about NIE Energy’s grants and special offers and to enter the Big Energy Saving Challenge.]]>