Don't be a clown, keep it down!

Don’t be a clown, keep it down’, as part of their commitment to supporting initiatives that promote safer communities during the night-time economy throughout the Down area. The message is simple. The Partnership wants to encourage more consideration to be shown to local residents when people are passing their homes after an enjoyable evening at entertainment facilities throughout the district. People are being urged to be more considerate of the noise levels and to respect residential areas they may have to pass by late in the evenings. The aim of this new initiative is to create a safe and enjoyable nightime economy, for both residents and visitors to the district, whilst also showing more respect in areas where people are trying to sleep, especially where very young children are concerned. [caption id="attachment_20890" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Down District Community Safety Partnership Chairman Councillor Mickey Coogan launches the 'Don't be a clown, keep it down,' campaign. Pictured is Joe McIlvenny, barman in Turley's BAr in Downpatrick."][/caption] Councillor Mickey Coogan, Chairperson of the Down District Community Safety Partnership, said, “Down district is a prime location were both local residents and visitors can enjoy a good night out in our licensed premises, but we would ask that all of these people respect our residents on their way home and to avoid causing annoyance to anyone. “We have invested a lot of resources in our town centres with CCTV, safe zones and council officers in an effort to keep people safe so they can enjoy everything our district has to offer. “All we ask in return is for them to show a little respect and be more considerate to local residents”. The message ‘Don’t be a clown, keep it down’ will be displayed throughout the district in licensed premises, in the form of posters and beer mats, to remind revellers of their responsibility not to cause annoyance to others.]]>