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Donaldson Says Poll Figures Vindicate Long Term Strategy for Northern Ireland
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LAGAN Valley MP Jeffrey Donaldson has welcomed the statement from the Prime Minister today where he reaffirmed his strong support for Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom. Mr Donaldson raised the issue at Prime Ministers Questions today highlighted the BBC poll showing 79% overall support for Northern Ireland’s place in the Union and the fact that there is majority support for that position across every County.

Speaking from Westminster Mr Donaldson yesterday (6 February), he said: ‘This opinion poll is the latest evidence of a growing acceptance of Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kindgom and support for stability in our constitutional position.

“It is not just that an overwhelming majority of people would vote to maintain the status quo, but amongst Catholics surveyed more would vote to stay in the UK than would opt for a united Ireland. This backs up the other evidence not just from opinion polls, but also the recent Census figures.

“I am pleased that the Prime Minister also has given his strong support today for our constitutional position. There can be no doubt that the success of devolution and the political progress made in recent years play a major role in all of this.dn_screen

“The opinions highlighted in this poll are exactly the reasons that the Democratic Unionist Party made such efforts to ensure the return of stable accountable devolution in Northern Ireland. In particular the vision of the First Minister has laid all of the groundwork for a situation where it is abundantly clear that the Union has never been more secure. Peter Robinson also did not need to wait for the results of such opinion polls to accurately state that Catholic support for the Union cannot be ignored.

“At our recent Party Conference he stated his confidence that a majority of Catholics were content within the Union. That statement has been vindicated today and his nationalist critics are left floundering. The DUP is the party of Northern Ireland and we have a long-term strategic vision to keep moving forward. That vision and strategy is succeeding and it is vital now that we continue to focus on issues such as shared education and re-building the economy which can build a united and vibrant Northern Ireland providing beacon of success for other parts of the UK to emulate,”  added Mr Donaldson.