Dolmens Climate Action Group Sets Out Summer Events

Go foraging for food on a walk with a difference, and try some tasty food too

Go foraging for food on a walk with a difference, and try some tasty food too

One of the first events in this Summer Season for the Dolmens Climate Action Network happened last week.

A guided walk with local chef and foodie Paul Cunningham took eleven people up and around the lovely environs of Bunkers Hill in Castlewellan. Paul takes inspiration from nature into his cooking and whatever can be provided seasonally attracts his attention. On this particular day it was the cleaver plant.

Chef Paul Cunningham leads a group on a foraging expedition at Bunkers Hill near Castlewellan.

Paul explained that some of the group might know it as ‘Sticky Willy’.  It belongs to a group of plants called Cleavers.  The foraging walkers collected their food bounty and brought it back to the kitchen in Castlewellan Community Centre. Paul explained how to make their own spring tonic and they prepared a tasty lunch of local mussels and wheaten bread.

Angie Drain, also on the walk shared another insight about the cleaver tonic being prepared. She said: “It is so good for cleansing the body after the winter and stimulating the lymphatic system. It’s simple and really quite delicious. Gather a handful of the younger shoots, rinse lightly, and put in an airtight jar, fill with water and leave in the kitchen window for 24 hours. Drink a few glasses every day from now until the end of May. Add lemon for taste.”

Mary McAnulty, Dolmens’ Climate Action Group member joined in and said: “It feels great to be connected in with Paul and begin to learn how we can grow some of our own and eat local food. Everyone really enjoyed the day and left nourished and inspired. I now have my cleaver tonic on the kitchen window!”

Upcoming Dolmens Summer Season Events

Food Supper at Turnip House

If you would have liked to participate in a conversation about how we can eat healthier food and make ourselves more resilient in the face of rising prices and food shortages, whilst enjoying a lovely supper of homemade seasonal dishes, you might want to come along on Wednesday 22 June to the very hospitable Turnip House.

Places are limited to 14 and you can book on our events section on our facebook page @dolmensCAN. Contributions are always welcome. 

Eco Film Festival, Repair Café and Eco Market

Come along and enjoy an eco-packed weekend from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 June.

In partnership with Newcastle Cinema and South Down Repair Café a fantastic weekend is on offer of film, food and craft. 

Please visit where you will find more info on the films and you can book places which are all free of charge.You can also visit the Dolmens Facebook page for more info on the full range of events coming up over the Summer Months.