DJ From Ardglass Shortlisted To Playoff In Cambridge

Pearse O'Connor aka Pressure has won his way through to a live gig play-off among top UK DJs


Pearse O’Connor aka Pressure has won his way through to a live gig play-off among top UK DJs

The talented Pearse O’Connor (23) has his sights set of a live gig play off in Cambridge on the 18th September. He has battled his way through to the last ten… and now for him, because he’s in it, he wants to win it! So all you have to do is VOTE for Pearse! (See details below!)

Pearse is starting a degree course this autumn at Ulster University doing history and education, but his passion is drum and bass music. He just loves to see people on the dance floor enjoying his creative talents.

“Drum and bass music is not all that popular over here yet in the clubs,” said Pearse: “But I think it will take off eventually. Basically I produce my own tracks using my computer, music software, a synthesiser and speaker, and drums. I play part of it on the synthesiser and move it to my audio workstation where I put my various strands together.

Vote for Pearse O’Connor aka DJ Pressure who has been shortlisted in the final 10 for a top UK-wide DJ play off. (Photo by ©Jim Masson).

“I can play rhythm and lead guitar, double base, and I’m working on the keyboard to improve my skills there.”

Pearse said: “Just before Covid-19 began in early 2020 I went to gigs with DJ ‘Crillie’ and watched David and Seamus in action. They’re great and they are really good friends. I did most of my own DJ gigs in the Art Department and Menagerie in Belfast, and I’ve played the students’ union at QUB a few times too.”

BUT, the prize for the live gig in Cambridge is playing to 15,000 and the winner gets a full set of DJ gear (first prize). The second prize is playing to the crowd… that to me is the real prize… I just love it. If I do well it will increase my DJ reputation a huge amount.

“So I’m heading to Cambridge for the STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM UNLOCKED GIG.



“The final vote is not made public until the 18th September as to who has won and come in second place. It would be great to be in there but I’ll be playing with the top DJs… playing with the cream.

“This is my first time in a big competition as a solo artist. It’s going to be a mad session but I’m really looking forward to it.

“So give me your vote. My appreciation in advance! I’ve had a very rough year through the Covid-19 pandemic if different ways, so I’m hoping for a big break.”

The final 10 shortlist has been selected by a panel of industry experts. The DJs will perform at the Strawberries and Creem Festival on 18-19th September to help create the next generation of talent on the music scene.

You can vote for Pearse O’Connor aka DJ Pressure at the shortlist link below (he’s number 2).

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