Diversity Matters Blog 2

Diversity Matters – Our Voice Blog no 2: Brexit “ Deal or no Deal”

‘Deal or no Deal’ is one of my favourite quiz shows on TV and I have to say I really enjoy it. But in reality, in life it works completely different writes Dan Gebski.

As for myself I find all this Brexit stuff very confusing. I guess I suppose  nobody knows what is going to happen. Even though people behind Brexit aren’t sure either what the future brings.

In fact any big change in the political arena brings fear and uncertain events. I said it before, my home is in Newry and I will not be going anywhere. My family is here and my heart is here. I have been living in Ireland for over 16 years and in my opinion, Brexit or no Brexit, it is to do with people and community working together… that’s what matters.

Looking back at the Leave decision on Brexit: Dan Gebski and Inga McQuaid.

I have had a chat with my friend Inga from Latvia, who said on Brexit. She wrote the poem on Brexit as well.

“Brexit has been a source of insecurity for Latvians who work in the UK. The Latvian government has now begun trying to entice them to return home, and hopes to profit from the know-how of well-educated, young Latvians. Brexit is very unclear and therefore presents a somewhat scary future for Latvian people. I know some that have already left Northern Ireland and some that are thinking of moving back home.

For me personally, home is here in Northern Ireland, and I have no thoughts of moving my “Irish family” to Latvia. Therefore I will just wait and see what the future holds for me as an European living in UK.

As with all European Citizens we had to fill in application under the EU Settlement Scheme. It was easy process and the answer was given in ten days.

For now all we can do is wait and hope for the best possible outcome.


Europeans V Brexit by Inga McQuaid

Brexit talks are heard from many

Future for us doubtful, vague.

Europeans frightened ,anxious

Waiting on the exit date.

Reading all the daily papers

Trying hard to understand.

Deal or No Deal will for many

Paint a picture of a gap.

Many talk about the future

Going home, building a life.

Many wait how expectation

Will unfold in coming time.

“Do not fear!” I hear some saying.

We will buy some Brexit coins!

As European Nations

We’ll get accustomed to the change!