Dirty Dancing At The St Patrick Centre

Dirty Dancing in exchange for glass bottles or jars. [caption id="attachment_20499" align="alignleft" width="285" caption="Laura Skillen, Alice O'Hare and Louise Roberts are admitted to a special screening of Dirty Dancing for the price of an old glass bottle! Receiving the unusual 'payment' at The Saint Patrick Centre is Councillor Maria McCarthy, left, Chair of Down District Council's Environment Committee."][/caption] Organised by Down District Council’s Environment Education Team in partnership with the Department of Environment, the scene at the ticket desk was reminiscent of days gone by when glass, a highly valuable resource, could be brought along to the local movie house and exchanged for a cinema ticket. Councillor Maria McCarthy, Chair of Down District Council’s Environment Committee said, “I am delighted that the Council has organised this exciting and innovative event to highlight the importance of recycling, not just to our environment but also to our economy. “All of the glass collected by Down District Council is reprocessed and recycled here in Northern Ireland which helps to reduce our environmental impact as a Council and provides valuable employment. “I would like to congratulate Environmental Services for all their hard work in organising a highly successful event.” Glass recycling has proved highly successful in Down district since its introduction in 1995. There are currently 31 bottle banks and three Household Recycling Centres in the district where glass can be taken for recycling. “The glass is collected by Down District Council and sent for processing where it is crushed into cullet and melted down with sand and other ingredients to make new glass. The entire glass recycling process takes place within Northern Ireland in only a few weeks.” To find out more about glass recycling or any other aspect of waste management please contact the Council’s Education Team on 028 4461 0843, email lisa.finn@downdc.gov.uk , rebecca.mcgreevy@downdc.gov.uk or visit www.downdc.gov.uk.]]>